Fourth Corner is a communications and creativity company.

Well, that’s the top line.  But we’re more than that really.   When it comes to communicating with your staff, we can help you devise your strategy, craft your message, produce your materials, support your people through change, measure your effectiveness and train your key communicators.   We’ve got years of experience in our field and many satisfied clients, but we’re not old codgers.   We stay fresh, creative, dynamic and flexible.

We also specialise in helping organisations to become more innovative and to unleash the creativity of their people.   The creativity we talk about is the creative potential that exists inside you and all your colleagues.   It’s in there, and we can help bring it out.   Our innovation campaigns and highly practical creativity workshops can help individuals and teams to unlock their ideas and to find new, smarter and better ways of working.

We’ve been helping organisations to communicate and innovate since 2003, and our client list includes prestigious names like AstraZeneca, D S Smith, Manchester Airports Group, the NHS, BNP Paribas, Mars, BP, RSA Group, Merck Serono, Roche, Nestle, RBS, BT, Smith & Nephew and more.   So whether you’re looking for grounded internal comms or blue sky creativity, we’re here to help.   We’re a virtual agency – or a liquid agency as we like to call it – we don’t have in-house designers and consultants that we need to keep busy and we don’t have huge overheads to cover.   We work as a network of trusted partners and associates, bringing in the right expertise at the right time for the right outcome.    Our clients know they can use us for as much or as little as they wish, like turning on the tap.   When you need us, we’re there, when you don’t, we leave you in peace.   So, from writing to strategy, facilitation to coaching, training to podcasts, creativity to campaigns … check out what we do using the tabs above.